List of programs on Telile


Week of April 15th - 21st, 2019


9:00 am - Mind Body Spirit

12:30 pm - Telile Telethon #4

2pm- Celtic Country #2


9 am - Celtic Country #2

12:30 pm - Mind Body Spirit

2:00pm - Telile Telethon #4

5:30pm - TV Bingo Rules

6 pm -  TV Bingo

- After Bingo -

Celtic Country #2


9 am - Mind Body Spirit

12:30 pm -Celtic Country #2

2 pm - Telile Telethon #4


6:00 pm - Celtic Country #2

Mind Body Spirit

Telile Telethon #2


12:30pm - Mind Body Spirit

4pm - Telile Telethon #2

7 pm - Celtic Country #2


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Telile is one of only nine over-the-air, not-for-profit, non-branded community stations in Canada.

Telile is now on the Bell Satellite system on Channel 536!
Tune in to check out what's going on in Isle Madame and surrounding areas.


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