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Below are various headings of all the Tapes that we have in our inventory. You can see the complete list of all the tapes on the right or email telile@telile.tv

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Productions exclusively devoted to music including variety concerts, band performances and much more.


Robert Bouchard & Elizabeth (1995; time 28:30)

Robert Bouchard & Elizabeth (in studio)

A tribute to Robert Bouchard
Held in Louisdale in recognition of his many years in music 1995 (44:27)

Dockside Ceiligh Show 1 & 2

Dockside Ceiligh Show 3 & 4

Dockside Ceiligh Show 5 & 6

Dockside Ceiligh Show 7 & 8

Dockside Ceiligh Show 9 & 12

Dockside Ceiligh Show 13 & 15

The Telile Report # 92

Telile Presents – Glen Roach (1997)

Telile House Party – Glen Roach 33mins

House Party – The music Show, Eddie and the boys / Michelle Boudreau
Glen Roach (45:50)
Arkandor (30:00)



Larry & Ed “Music for Yound & Old” (29:35)
David Loyd Samson – Guitar and Singing
Sons of Maxwell
Join Nick, Marcel, Becky and Claude with their guests; Frederick Hyland, Alex Forgeron, Jean Kehoe, Troy Allan, Melvin Samson, and Billy Joyce for a half-hour of great music. Taped on February 27. (1999; time 29:10)
The Island Society of Songs (ISOS) has been hosting Jam Sessions at the Island Nest for a few months. Telile joined them for one and tonight features Dennis “Nick-the-pick” Boudreau, Becky Bournot, Frederick Highland, Marcel “Stretch” Marchand and Claude David with guests Billy Joyce and Grace Boudreau (1998)
Jam Session With ISOS from the Island Nest

Jam Session With ISTOM # 2

Telile joined ISTOM for another jam session from the Island Nest taped on January 30. Please join us for lots of great music from local musicians in our community. (1 hour; 1999)

Jam Session With ISTOM # 3

ISTOM Jam Session # 4

ISTOM Jam Session # 5

The gang at ISTOM got together at the Island Nest on January 22. the night featured Jon Matthews along with some of ISTOM’s regular’s. Join us for some great toe-tapping music.

Taped on January 22 – This jam features Jon Matthews, Jean Kehoe, Trevor Boudreau, Becky Bourinot, Vivian Mauger, Nick “The Pick” Boudreau, Marcel “Stretch” Marchand, Claude David, Jamie Boudreau, Richard Boudreau and Harvey MacKinnon. (2000; time 30 minutes)




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