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Below are various headings of all the Tapes that we have in our inventory. You can see the complete list of all the tapes on the right or email telile@telile.tv

Religious Productions

Various religious productions from local church services to religious series

The Word of the Lord through Lent with Fr. Gerald Campbell

Session 1 The word of the Lord and the Sunday Lectionary
Session 2 Lent and the Sunday Lectionary
Session 3 The Sunday Lenten Readings. Old Testament
Session 4 The Sunday Lenten Gospels
Session 5 Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter

God is Love Part 1 with Father Bill Burke at Our Lady of Assumption Parish (43:16)

God is Love Part 2 with Father Bill Burke at Our Lady of Assumption Parish (52:28)

God is Love Part 3 with Father Bill Burke at Our Lady of Assumption Parish (51:08)

God is Love Part 4 with Father Bill Burke at Our Lady of Assumption Parish (1:01:28)


Jesus and the Gospels (Sessions 1-8)

Telile, in association with the Richmond Deanery, produced a series of eight video’s hosted by Fr. Gerald Campbell. (30 minutes each; 2001)

Session 1: A brief look at Jesus

Session 2: From Jesus to the Gospels

Session 3: Jesus according to Mark

Session 4: Jesus according to Matthew – Part 1

Session 5: Jesus according to Matthew – Part 2

Session 6: Jesus according to Luke – Part 1

Session 7: Jesus according to Luke – Part 2

Session 8: Jesus according to John

The Prophet—Join us for this moving interpretation of the Easter Story as presented at the Walter Fougère School by the churches of St. Francis de Sales, Lower River Inhabitants; St. Margaret’s, West Bay Road; St. Mary of the Angel’s, Glendale; and St. Patrick’s, Whiteside. (2000; time 50:46)
The Way of the Cross—Presented by the St. Louis Youth Group of Louisdale (1999, 28 minutes)
Station of the Cross and the Rosary (sorrowful mysteries) - Presented by Isle Madame Pastoral Unit and Les Filles de Jesus. For Easter Catholic Women’s League – 25th Anniversary with our Lady of Assumption Parish in Arichat (2003;1:30:06)
Images of Jesus in the Gospels by Fr. Gerald Campbell—recorded at the Glenn Sampson Room, St. Louis Parish (1999; 59:32)
Spiritual—by our Lady of Assumption Folk Choir in February (2002;57:32)
50th Anniversary of Fr. Hugh’s Ordination—held at Our Lady of Assumption cathedral on June 8 (2002;1:33:28)
Lets Sing Mary / Chantons Marie—Featuring Isle Madame Pastoral Unit choirs at Our Lady of Assumption on May 13 (2002;58:26)
Proclamation 2000 – Festival of Praise
Remembrance Day Ceremonies—Join the 235 Arrow Sea Cadets and the royal Canadian Legion Brach 150 for scenes from their Remembrance Day Ceremonies of 2002


Mission – Virtues, stairway to God with FR. Bruno Ruel– Part 1-5

Part 1 – Opening Session (time 49:30)

Part 2 – Truthfulness (time 1 hour)

Part 3 – Acceptance (time 56:40)

Part 4 – Patience (time 53:42)

Part 5 – Justice (time 56:40)

Les Filles de Jésus – 100 years in Richmond—Featuring Sr. Gloria f.j on their history and representatives from the 7 parishes that they served

Les Filles de Jesus – Banquet—Held at La Picasse in Petit de Grat on Sunday (2003;1:36:26)

Les Filles de Jesus – Thanksgiving Mass—Held at Notre Dame de l’Assumption in Arichat on Sunday October 13 (2002;1:27:16)

Chemin de la Croix et le Chaplet (sorrowing mysteries) - Presenté par L’Unite Pastoral d'Isle Madame et Les Filles de Jesus (2002/2001;40:00)

Chemin de la Croix—Joindre nous pour la Chemin de Croix a l’Église Saint-Joseph. Presenter par La Maison des Jeunes de Richmond. Venez nous rejoindre les enfants qui ont participeront dans cette pièce. (2000; temps 56:12)

Banquet du 50e anniversaire—Ligue des Dames Catholiques de la Paroisse Saint-Joseph de Petit de Grat. (2003; time 1 :28 :45)
Msg. Conrad Girroir’s 60 years in the Priesthood

On November 12, Clergy, parishioners of Immaculate Conception, family, neighbouring parishioners and friends celebrated a special mass and banquet. (2005; 1 hr 42 min)

Cleveland United Church – final service

Join the members of the West Bay Pastoral Charge and the Cleveland United Church for their service of Celebration and Closing on July 30.  (2006; 2:28:00)

Liturgical Music for Marriage

Telile joined Sr. Donna Kelly in Bras d’Or as she discusses appropriate music for a wedding ceremony
Allan O’Donnell and Friends

A concert of inspirational music held at the Immaculate Conception Church, West Arichat on May 4 with Michael McNamara and Adam Cooke (2008; 1 hour)





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